I was born 40 years ago in Prague where my wonderful Mum gave me birth at the Hospital U Apolináře.

In my childhood I grew up in an aesthetic and very creative environment where everybody cared about cultural education.

So, in addition to drawing and painting classes in art schools, I learned to be a ballet dancer. However, I could not tolerate such a terror bordering on militarism. I was rather attracted to free forms of artistic expression. However, my parents had a vision of me not becoming only a Bohemian, which I am, but they also wanted me to stand firmly on the ground.

They convinced me that I should study architecture and thus understand how things work technically and technologically. It was sometimes tiresome, but when a little 4 D object grew under my hands, I realized that even hours spent by drawing something as simple as a vapour-proof foil under the roof had some meaning.

After studying the high school of industrial arts, where they taught me how to solve design of furniture or how to build a stage in a theatre but also how to drink beer and smoke cigarettes and other things, I found it reasonable to continue in those studies and quit the others things.

I continued to study architecture at Prof. Pelcl at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design where I learned more than just parts of architecture. There are many disciplines that you can try, so besides designing all kind of houses and airports and other projects, I also tried to draw an act, make a sculpture, or work with porcelain. During my studies I also spent a semester in Stockholm, where it was dark and cold a lot and great coffee.

After I completed my university studies, I worked for many nice clients mainly in the field of exhibitions, interior design, residential houses and retail.

Well, but then I trusted one Spaniard, left everything here and went pregnant with him to Germany. You do not want to know what followed, but it definitely brought me something – I started to paint from despair. At first, I thought it was just a therapy for me, but in the end it became a passion for me to reveal creation itself. Since then I´ve known that problems crystallize our characters. Well, they can if you want to. This is how I see it.

I paint whenever I have time and space, and especially peace. I make a contact with the higher something in us or around us, and then I forget about time, I do not know that I am hungry or thirsty, I just ride the wave.

I like this project most probably because I could try a new technique to put the graphic font into an abstract painting, and secondly, the money from sale of my painting may help somebody. Of course, also for my passion for painting and the desire for the public to see the picture. I was also convinced by Mr. Turek, who is so excited about the theme of the Magic Square, although I am personally more attracted to the symbol of the Flower of Life.