We started the entire artistic experiment on June 7, 2018 in the Lurago Gallery in Chomutov, where the Magical Square exhibition was held from 8 June to 27 July. We organized a unique and first exhibition of its kind to answer our questions. We concentrated all the created works, magic and energy vested in them into one place.

We believe that the magical power in the square is incredibly strong and can fulfil any wishes. And how do you wish? Visitors took a pencil and an “I wish” card, looked around to find their Magic Square which they felt had an effect on them. When they felt that the square would fulfil their wishes, they wrote their wish on the card, sealed it with a sticker, and sent their wish to space. They had to keep the card and wear it with them at all times.

We believe that we conveyed not only a profound artistic experience for everyone but we also gave them an opportunity to personally perceive the power and mystique of the square that surrounds it.


Photos from the opening