I was born on 13 May 1974 in Chomutov. And I think I am glad for it. I completed the grammar school in Chomutov. Then I studied arts and social sciences for junior high schools at the Pedagogical Faculty of J.E. Purkyne University and graduated in 1998. Since then I have only been enjoying my life, working and painting. I am back “at home” in Chomutov again since 2002. My workplace is the Primary School of Academic Heyrovsky, where I teach arts. Sometimes, I make an exhibition of my paintings and from time to time I use also walls as canvas. The Earth is awesome, wonderful, and simply NICE! When it connects with man, which IS NOT so awesome, but there is so much inspiration which can never be exhausted. I have been painting all my life with love and joy. I always look forward to the moment when I am about to begin a new painting. Such a moment is precious for me because
painting is not my job. It is my need and joy. Because of a lack of time and my impatience, I use water-colour paints most often. I was thrilled by the idea of this project and I am glad that I am part of it.