I used to work as a nurse in various wards (such as pulmonary out-patient ward etc.) before I begun painting. I sewed, knitted, read, did some gardening and skiing. In the 1960s I started to ride a bicycle to discover more of the world around me. I started to paint when I was 66 because I was desperate and bored with my retirement. I did not know what to do with my free time. So, when I was going from an English lesson, I saw a flyer for a course of painting called “Learn to look around…”. So, I told myself that I would try it although I had never done it before. I create my works of art by various techniques, but I like watercolours, pastels, and oil-colours on the canvas the most. I search for inspiration in nature. It is wonderful, colourful, and full of variations. It has its own magic. When I am painting, I need to be in harmony, have a good mood and be especially happy. My son brought me to the project “Magic Square”. Maybe, he wanted to be proud of me that I have managed something. If I had given it up, he may have put me in old people’s home.