I discovered my talent in a public school of arts (in Czech slang “Liduska”) with Liduska (girl´s name).  I will not disclose more. Mining north of Bohemia placed me to the mostly technical environment. I found a counterbalance in photography. I worked in a printing works and learned how to bind books manually and become familiar with computer graphics. I documented a painting symposium at Benedict. My escape of an artist to activities without electronics has absorbed me to such a level that I even prepare and stretch my canvases. Well, and then I cover them with paints, using especially a spatula with which I create not only the painting, but also a structure on the canvas. There are more than sixty pictures that decorate various spaces. I had a sales exhibition in the Most Café in 2017.
My motto is, “Do not paint what they can take a picture of, but let them take a picture of what you have painted”.