I am a painter and graphic artist. I am an author of Czech and foreign film posters, e.g. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Terminator, Burning Mississippi, etc. I am also an author of covers of many books, very advanced medical illustrations and of many more applied graphics. I am creating on my own will at the moment. My paintings and digital graphics hang in modern interiors of buildings, hotels, company offices and luxurious residencies. When I agree with my client, I also paint specifically for a certain interior. For each artwork I issue a certificate that declares its originality. I am a member of the Union of Artists of the Czech Republic and a member of the International Association of Art IAA / AIAP. My paintings and graphics are in collections of celebrities and can be found in private collections in CZ, Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden and also in the USA. I joined the Magic Square project because I like mysteries and mystique, but also because I believe that this project will be interesting for the visitors of the exhibition, which proved right at the first exhibition in Chomutov.