I was born in Prague on March 24, 1962. Now I live and create my works near Prague, in my country house and studio in Čečelice. Since my school years, I have been nicknamed Mac. I studied natural sciences, and ultimately my life was most influenced by nature and rock climbing that I did from the age of 17. My life is a revolt against conventions, hypocrisy. I have always been interested in emotions, spiritual principles, natural laws and adventures. Nature has brought me into contact with truth, taught me respect and humility.

If I decided to go another way in my life, then I would definitely choose arts. I always enjoyed music, architecture, and during my life I also did design and makeovers of attic apartments and interiors. The biggest breakthrough in my life came with a serious spine surgery that made me unable to devote myself fully to my greatest love and passion – rock climbing. Suddenly I was standing at a crossroads how to fulfil my life purposefully. I was thinking how to make advantage of the ideas that had been in my head for decades and I wanted to transfer them on canvas, but not just there. I was hindered by my doubts if it is possible to break through to a field which I did not study, whether it was not too late to start looking for my own artistic direction. As it is often in life, there is nothing like coincidence. Therefore, I met the right people at the right time and they supported me in my decision. And because I’m courageous, I break myths and realize that the only limitations exist only in our head, I started … with joy, lightness, and fantasies of my own.

In terms of composition and colours, I work with an intuitive thought concept, I explore all directions and follow my feelings. I have a sense of detail. Some of my paintings can appeal to you with a minimalist concept. I mainly paint with oil paints and experiment with different kinds of colours. I use the layering principle because creating structures creates plasticity and depth that gives space to my unconventional painting.

I have no ambition to compare myself with the masters of my craft. Yet, with openness, cordiality, uncomplicated attitude and healthy self-confidence, I open the gates to galleries and, above all, to human souls. You will find not only pictures in my work, but also the artistic representation of various objects as well as art lighting of interiors. My inventions have no boundaries. I have a lot of ideas in my head that I’m going to implement. If you can feel the joy and freedom of my work, if you stop and escape the stereotype of everyday life, if you smile and your eyes start shining, then everything I have created makes sense.