My name is Mia, I am 17 years old, I like cats, old clothes, old photos (polaroids) and older music. Iam interested in politics and I would like to become an activist for human rights. I am painting since my childhood, I
used to visit paint lessons, but I surely would paint also without one. Simply it came from me and it is actual up to this time. I am using (most popular) tools, with whose I can really enjoy my work – pencil, aniline colors and especially oil colors. I very like old oil paints of people, so I am trying to find inspiration here. Of course, this is not so perfect, but I like it. I am spring/summer girl, I hate to do something in the winter. I dislike cold and I will rather stay under cover in warm than to do anything other. Seasons and weather have big influence to me. To this project, I were selected one month before beginning of exhibition, I was honored, that especially I have this chance. I did not hesitate and accepted. When I compare my paint to others, then visualy looks weaker, I have seen many precise works in the exhibition in Chomutov, but I think, that if somebody is so big fan of The Beatles as myself, then he can value my paint. And I am glad, that I had this chance and can show my creation and interests.