Have you ever heard about the Magic Square? About the magic that is all around us? About the magical numbers that make the same magical sum in all diagonals?

There are plenty of ways how to organize numbers, but a very special and magical way how to organize these numbers is in the Magic Square of which the legend of Lo Shu tells.

The legend of Lo Shu was written in China in 650 BC and captures the first written mention of the Magic Square. This ancient Chinese legend tells that the Magic Square appeared on Earth when Emperor Yu discovered a magical tortoise during a huge flood that had the shape of a square with numbers 1-9 organized in a 3 × 3 square on its carapace. The sum of these numbers in all diagonals gave the sum of 15.

In addition to this legend, we find many magic squares all around us, such as stone and metal charms used in ancient Egypt, India and China. For all of these civilizations, the squares were likely to be more numerological, esoteric, and astrological, displaying the imaginary key to the gate between the universe and the Earth.

Not only were the squares used as amulets, but the old Chinese also incorporated them in the foundations of their houses instead of a foundation stone, believing it could provide happiness and well-being.

The shape of a square is also found on a beret that is part of a robe used in evangelical churches, or as a ceremonial robe during a graduation ceremony, or as an item of clothing of judges, prosecutors and attorneys.

When you closely watch the constellations of Pegasus and Cefeus, you can also see something in the shape of a square. We can best identify the constellation of Pegasus by using the so-called “Pegasus Square” that forms the body of a horse. It is most likely to be seen in autumn.

And what is the Magic Square anyway?

The Magic Square is a square table with numbers that are placed in regular rows and columns so that the sum in each row, column, and both diagonals is always the same.

If we admit that the square itself is highly energetic and actually radiates the energy that connects us with the universe, and by systematically placing the numbers in it, we are able to amplify its energy, we can say that we have found the essence that we need for living. Then we can draw on its inexhaustible positive energy.

In order to find out and verify that the energy of the square is really magical and powerful, we decided to make an artistic experiment and organize several exhibitions that should answer our questions.