/13 years old/

I´ve been living in Molde, situated on the west coast of Norway, for all my life. My Mummy comes from Slovakia and my Daddy from the Czech Republic. I´ve always liked drawing and painting. I began to study a school of arts when I was in the 3rd class of primary school. I really enjoyed it. I must thank my very handy teacher Vladana for this. I still attend the school and want to continue. I like to draw anatomy and other thinks, such as i.e. landscape, with pencil best. Sometimes I like to experiment with water colours. I am mostly inspired by my teacher Vladana and/or I search ideas on the Internet, especially Pinterest. Also my own fantasy is a source of inspiration for me.

When I heard that I was supposed to paint a picture, I was excited and though what to paint. Finally, I decided for a sunset because I have always enjoyed painting this theme since my early years at school. I really enjoyed painting the picture. I have already taken part in small exhibitions here in Molde in Norway. For me, a 13-year-old schoolgirl, it was a big honour to participate in such an interesting project the Magic Square is. My parents and my friends often tell me that my picture gives them energy and is very optimistic. I also attend lessons of ballet and modern dancing, lessons of guitar, and I take care of my parrot. What I mostly liked about my composition was painting the numbers. It was also exciting because my teacher Vladana at the school of arts gave me new paints, so I had a chance to get familiar and experiment with acrylic colours and explore which of them belongs together and which not.