I was born in southern Bohemia. Now I am 17 years old. Contemporary I am in High school, Secondary School, Elementary school and School 66. I am student of the second year of secondary school of Horticulture. I like studying that field, but at most I like painting. When I have such piece of time, I fill it with painting. I am spending my time with painting also in school breaks. Thanks to this school, which enrolled me to the project of Pure Bohemia s.r.o., could I participate on the project of magic square. My teacher Bc. Jarmila Adamova has recomended me. During complete project I were under leading of Mr. Roman Kuricaj, pedagogical assistant, who himself if painting. He gave me many valuable advices, teached me new painting technique and especially gave me and environment within his home and his wife to to let me create. I must thank to company Pure Bohemia, Mr. Roman Kuricaj and his wife Jane, Mgr. Ivana Dudkova, Bc. Jarmila Adamova for allowing me to catch the chance participate on project of magic square.