Born as Zivcakova (* 1979)

She graduated from the High School of Jan Adam at Rayman School in Presov in 2001. Then she completed her university degree at the University of Presov, Faculty of Humanity and Natural Sciences as a teacher of general education combined with creative education and ethics in 2004. Between 2007 and 2016 she worked as a professor assistant at the Department of Fine Arts at the Institute of Music and Creative Arts at the Philosophical Faculty at the University of Presov. She is interested in painting, jewellery, pottery, interior-, graphic- and clothing- design. Last but not least, she does not object acting as an assessor and curator. She also joins charity projects and cultural activities, workshops, leisure time activities and creative workshops. She is a member of the Gallery of Saris in Presov. She presents her work at domestic, international and foreign events.