I create my paintings so that they are beautiful (according to an Indian idea). They must serve people and should be energetic radiators. I create with love.

I am self-student. I develop myself, I learn and step forward. I see my way in personal growth. I love creativity, drawing, painting, wood, flying through my phantasies and I love work with intuition for all my life. I have been creating since I could hold a pencil. Drawing and painting is as breathing for me. You can stop breathing just for a short while. As pee, sooner or later you must go and release it. I have been painting since I was little, but it took me some time to find my own right place. Firstly, when I try to remember the reason why I started drawing, it was finding a way to express my philosophy and the desire to know what is behind materia. This is what I have had since my childhood. Why I started with illustrations? I wanted to see beautiful things, something joyful for myself, my children, and other people in difficult periods of their life. Strangely enough, I started to paint pictures which were funny, joyful and ambiguous when I was struggling with some hardship in my life. I started painting with oil paints a few years ago again. I needed to go further from specific lines and shapes of illustrations, more towards abstraction, to cancel that hard line, the frontiers inside me. For 20 long years I used colour pencils. We can look at colour pencils as they are meant for children only, but I never felt so. It never hurt me. I returned to oil-painting in the last few years. It helped me to break my internal frontiers. It is strange to admit it but my inspiration comes to me through feelings, specific perception and also through the information regarding quant physics, mystics, etc. For example, when I am painting a particular person, I try to connect with him/her through my empathy, and the colours and shapes come to me.  I especially create at night when everybody is sleeping. Then, it is time for me to create and fly. Yes, we are all influenced by rhythms of the nature, seasons of the year and other space and earth rhythms. Our ancestors in all civilisations and nations were in accordance with these rhythms, they worked with them, they knew about them. Most of people in Central Europe do not know about them, and/or they do not work with them but it does not matter. These impacts of energy are here even though we are not aware of them. In this project, I was really interested in the possibility of creating a numeral chart and numbers. I have always been interested in numerology, and the magic square relies on it very much. I was excited about the chance to express ancient times and the idea of a square in painting. I was thrilled that these things will be seen by many people. The painting I made is quite daring and wild for me, but I felt the urge to let leave certain shapes and forms without an error and touch the whole passion of space and life, to go back in time in my painting, maybe up to the creation of the Earth.

I left my hometown Chomutov when I was 19 years old. Then I lived in Prague, Brno, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Poland. Now I live and create in Chomutov again. I am single with two children.