I live in village called Krabcice, which is situated nearby Rip Mountain. I am 40 years old and have two children. I work as PSS in my place of living. I have started my painting that way, I have enrolled to course of painting with right brain hemi-sphere. It very interests me and I enjoyed it well, so I started with enhancement of my skills at home from evening to evening. And here is the result. I like to paint or draw with anything, but most favorite is for my acryle colors and canvas. Allmost anything, abstract paints, nature, portraits (also from profile), mandals etc… I have painted picture “Magic Square” because it was for me big challenge and I never imaginated, that I will support anybody. I must say, that it very filled me and also give me lots of joy. My paint I have painted for approximately one month, mostly in the evening. My picture was painted with dry brush technique. By this picture was my inspiration feelings, that this should be something unique and interesting. Otherwise I am taking inspiration from everything around me.
I am painting according my mood. Okay, this is my short profile.