I live in village of Krabcice, situated near Mount Rip. I am 40 years old and have two children. I work as a PSS in the place where I live. I started my painting that way. I enrolled for a course of painting with the right brain hemisphere. It was very interesting and I enjoyed it very much, so I started to improve my skills at home in the evenings. And this is the result. I like to paint or draw with anything according to my mood, but my most favourite are acryl colours and canvas. I paint almost everything – abstract paintings, nature, portraits (also from profile), mandalas, etc. I painted the picture “Magic Square” because it was a big challenge for me and I could never imagine that I will support anybody. I must say that it satisfied me and also gave me much joy. I painted it for approximately one month, mostly in the evenings. My picture was painted with dry brush technique and I was inspired by my feeling that this should be something unique and interesting. Otherwise I get the inspiration from everything around me. And that’s probably all about me.