I was born in the year 1988 in Prerov and not long time after I start desire to become painter. I have studied painting and now I am Magister of the Art. Right after one become familiar with imagination of reality, had studied art schools, then must start to do something to earn money for life. Then start to grow questions “what to paint and why”? I am finding answer for my aged question, which probably all of us are putting. I.e. exist the God or not exist? What is primary sense of life? What is really important and what not? These answer I am breathing into my paints – more or less successfully. I trust in God – being and his leadership, that we are growing in trust of Him, we have freewill and he is loving us. I am discovering, that when I become only tool of His leadership from above, then everything is streaming to place, where it should be. I trust from my personal experience and this paint with theme of luck and happiness points to principle, that “luck is the way”… That way is manner how to walk day by day through our life. It is very important to catch and hold miracle of life reliably. I am participating on this project, because I was interested by influence of Mr. Turek and the fun, which can be around that.